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These days, there are many different ways that sellers can use in marketing and closing a deal of the property they sell. It is for this reason that many people are wondering whether they should hire a real estate agent or not. There’s no doubt that there’s massive expansion to the internet giving people easy access to listing and provide these sellers with lots of new ways to sell and market outside traditional methods.

Usually, commissions will run you at around 6 percent of purchase price of the house and there are many sellers who wonder whether it is worth it to make an investment in a full service agent. Before making a decision that 6 percent is a steep investment, might as well consider what are the things that a realtor can bring on the table.

Number 1. Access – whether you’re on selling or buying side, real estate agents can give easy access to listings available. Multiple Listing Service or simply MLS is a form of service that’s used by agents nationwide to list properties and give other real estate agents who have interested buyers important details about the house they need. Sellers want their house to be present on MLS because it is the main marketplace for agents who are searching to find potential properties for clients.

Number 2. Convenience – as you hire experienced and seasoned real estate agent to represent your house, it is way more convenient than having to market and sell on your own. For those who don’t have any experience in such, the volume of phone calls needed to be handled is just overwhelming. The moment that a house goes live on market, agents as well as other interested buyers will begin calling and trying to schedule viewing and ask questions regarding the specifics of the property.

Sometimes, prospective buyers are showing up but sometimes they do not. By having an agent who will handle all phone calls and inquiries, it is going to give you convenience especially if you have active lifestyle.

Number 3. Negotiation skills – agents must have a strong and effective negotiation skill regardless if they are selling or buying. It is completely normal for interested buyers to make price proposal that is less than the actual price. If you don’t have the experience, then you will likely submit to their request but with the help of an agent, they will be guiding the clients to come up with the best figure.

You need to know as well that on top of sale price negotiation, agents do handle concessions on closing costs, adverse inspection findings and a lot more.

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What I Can Teach You About Property

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