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How to Pick a Reputable Carpet Cleaning Company

There are lots of good and honest carpet cleaning companies that will give you outstanding results and quality customer service. On the other hand, some have gained a not-so-favorable reputation, thanks to their substandard services and pesky salesmanship. While people are usually good, you still have to protect yourself as a consumer.

The following are tips to remember while searching for a good carpet cleaning company:

Finding Prospects

Its always good to start by asking people for referrals. Find out who your friends, relatives or neighbors rely on for their own carpet cleaning needs. If you just moved to a new place and dont know many people yet, get in touch with the local Better Business Bureau. They can tell you which carpet cleaners are licensed, well-reviewed and highly rates, as well as how long they have been in the industry. Additionally, they can tell you if a business has been the subject of customer complaints. The web is another good source of referrals. Read customer reviews but choose your sources too (marketing websites are always biased while third-party consumer websites are more likely to be credible).

What You Need

Carpet manufacturers will typically recommend hot water extraction (HWE), a process more ordinarily known as steam cleaning. However, there are other options you might consider with the help of your potential cleaner: shampooing, encapsulation cleaning, dry cleaning or host dry cleaning, among others. In any case, be sure that the cleaning doesnt void your carpet warranty.


Different carpet cleaners will of course charge different rates. Know if they charge per area (square foot) or per room; if by room, check if theres a maximum room size. A large room will probably be computed as two or even three rooms. Your carpets current condition is another point to be considered. If they have pet stains or are heavily soiled, you need to be upfront about this with the cleaner. Also ask about the cleaners rules or policies affecting re-servicing. Most will let you return for free if you get a spot or two reappearing within a week.

Cleaning Products Used

The types of cleaning products used by your prospective carpet cleaner are another important consideration. Youd like to make sure they are environment-friendly as well as safe for your carpets and highly effective.


Finally, if your carpets must be cleaned at home, dont hire a carpet cleaner that works with subcontractors. Its always best to go for a company that employs an in-house team of background-screened workers. Keep in mind that not all carpet cleaning services are the same, so research will surely go a long way.

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