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The process of constructing a concrete structure from powdered cement is very elaborate. Any construction project requires this fundamental material, which is cement, along with other materials like sand, coarse aggregate and water. Similarly, the project starts with concrete proportioning and ends with plastering. Let us have a look at these processes in details. Proportioning

This is the first stage in which Good Quality Cement in Meghalaya, Assam or elsewhere is mixed with other constructional materials for making concrete of different strengths as per the need of the project. For instance, in case of making high strength concrete for arches and columns, similar quantities of cement and sand are needed with double the quantity for coarse aggregates.

  • Batching and mixing

In this stage, batches of concrete are prepared and mixed according to the purpose they are expected to serve. There are two types of batching – weight batching and volume batching. Similarly, mixing of concrete is also done in two ways – manually and mechanically. In most of the constructional projects, weight batching is primarily used. In case of larger volumes of concrete, mechanical mixing is preferred over manual mixing for achieving greater uniformity.

  • Placing

In this stage, the concrete that has been prepared is placed over the surface intended. If the place of preparing the concrete is different from that of the site where it would be placed, measures are taken to avoid direct contact of the concrete with air and water. In addition, it is taken care to ensure that transportation of the material is done as early as possible so that it does not harden before placement. While placing the concrete, the essential mandate that is taken into account is that it is poured from a height of less than one and half meters. This mandate ensures that concrete will not segregate while pouring.

  • Compacting

Compacting is essential to give concrete durability. Thus, construction workers always ensure that proper vibrators are used for proper compaction of the concrete and complete expulsion of air trapped inside it. This is followed by curing the concrete surface for fourteen days at a stretch by keeping it moist.

  • Brick working

At this stage, bricks are prepared for the constructional project. For this, bricks are properly burnt in the kiln. Then, they are soaked in water for a whole day so that they finally become suitable for the brick work meant for the foundation.

  • Plastering

This is the final stage of a constructional project in which the concrete that is made by mixing cement with proportionate quantities of water, sand and coarse aggregate are used for repairing fissures and levelling surfaces. Choosing a realtor can be tough, with no shortage of options it can be overwhelming. The majority of individuals will work with a referral, or go with the biggest name. When choosing a Calgary Realtor you must find a person or team that represents your interests and works with you. Teamwork is essential in real estate, that is why it is best to consider a number of realtors before embarking on a real estate transaction.

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