10 Things to Check in a Rental Serviced Office Space

The benefit of serviced offices is that it frees up a lot of your time which is otherwise spent on managing office maintenance tasks. This time in turn can be better spent on more important work such as planning business expansion and growth.

Our aim here will be to share information about some of the things you need to check before renting any such facility available in your city.

Rental Serviced Office Space and Ten Things to Check

Before opting to rent such type of office space you will have to check a few things such as:

Check Available Facilities: Before renting such type of office check whether you are getting all the required facilities such as conference rooms, meeting rooms and other options.

Pay Per Use Option: It is likely that you will not need some of the facilities on regular basis and in such situation there should be option available of pay per use.

As such you need to check whether such pay per use option is available for the rented facility.

Maintenance Services: The main idea behind using this type of facility is to save time which is generally spent on various maintenance activities such as building or refreshment facility maintenance.

In this context you will have to check whether these services are taken care of by the property staff or you will have to handle them yourself.

Customer Reviews: Before using such type of service you will have to check reviews other people have given about the services available at any particular facility. This will ensure you are paying for the right service.

Payment Comparison: You also need to compare rates mentioned by different service providers so as to be sure that you are paying right amount for the services.

Location Factor: One of the main factors is location where such serviced office is situated. You will preferably want the serviced office in prime location and at the time of searching you will have to take this point into consideration.

Corporate Image: You need to make sure the serviced facility you plan to use meets the corporate image you have as well as helps in improving the same.

Lease Terms: You have to make sure that there is flexible lease term so that you can vacate the facility at short notice in case it become necessary.

Use References: You will be able to find the right facility by utilizing references provided by friends and colleagues. As such while starting your search it would be necessary to at first check the references provided by friends and colleagues.

New vs. Old Facility: You need to choose new facility since it is more likely that latest amenities will be available. However, old facility can also be utilized it is in prime location and has all the facilities you require.

Compare Facilities: Lastly, you should check facilities available at different serviced offices and select one which meets all your requirements.

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